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When hoping to locate an excellent Chicago travel package, you will realize that there are lots of options available. This is basically why this Midwestern city is one of most visited places by tourists around the world. If you are a first-time traveler, you would soon realize that Chicago travel deals are very easy to come by. In fact, you can book for packages that already include almost every aspect of your Chicago trip. The availability of vacation packages considerably simplifies the process of planning while at the same time saving you money and effort.

Most of the time, these packages already include airfare tickets, hotel accommodation, city tours, and a lot more. Depending on your itinerary, you can choose a particular vacation package that will suit your preferred budget. For instance, if you are just looking for the cheapest and simplest Chicago vacation deals, then you should opt for packages that only include airline tickets as well as the hotel accommodation. At any rate, you can add or subtract things to your vacation package as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Travelers who want everything to be prepared for them when they visit the city should consider adding tour packages as well as breakfast and dinner reservations to their travel package. The truth is you can save more when you select bundled travel packages as compared to acquiring them individually.

Those who would want to tour the city by themselves may want to consider renting a car. If that is the case, you should try to find a travel package deal that already includes car rental. This way, you get to do the reservations all at the same time.

Take note that the total price of your Chicago travel package will generally be influenced by the type of hotel accommodation that you have, your airfare, as well as the included add-ons. But regardless of how much you will be spending for the trip the unforgettable memories that you will create in this wonderful city are definitely priceless.
Planning a Chicago family vacation is quite a straightforward task especially if all members of the family will be involved. This lovely city is perhaps one of the best family vacation spots in the Midwestern region. With a diverse range of museums, zoos, historical landmarks, parks, and gardens, both children and adults will definitely be fascinated with its hidden beauty.

To start with, you have to do advance research for the perfect and must-see places in the city. There are countless captivating sites and exhilarating views that you and your family should check out. So in order to have a flawless itinerary, it will be a great idea if you ask each family member to list down the places in Chicago that they badly want to visit. Once done, compare your notes and then list down the sites or places that you have in common. Doing so will help you to properly organize your itinerary.

You can also ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, and relatives who already have visited Chicago. If that is not enough, you can browse through reputable travel sites to get excellent travel advice. You may also contact travel agencies to ask about the available family travel packages in Chicago. Parents who do not have time to plan for the trip will greatly benefit from acquiring superb vacation package deals. With the help of a reliable travel agent, everything from hotel accommodation, air fare, tourist attraction tours, breakfast/dinner reservations and other particulars will be taken care of on your behalf.

When scheduling the trip, it is better to ask every family member for their most convenient time to travel. If you are planning to take the kids with you, then you should travel in months that fall into their school break.

Going on a Chicago family vacation will allow you to temporarily escape the stress and pressures of everyday living, while you enjoy exploring a fascinating city as you spend quality time with your loved ones.
To those planning to look for a Chicago motel, it is highly advised that you make your reservation at least one month ahead of your scheduled visit. This is important to give you enough time to look for affordable and budget-friendly accommodation. Truthfully, this wonderful city has lots of different motel accommodation available. But since it is the center of business, conventions and other special events, booking a motel can be quite a challenge. Therefore, planning your trip early on will be a great idea.

Generally, there are ways to ensure that you will get comfortable yet affordable accommodation in Chicago. One efficient way is by visiting discount travel sites. The internet practically houses all sorts of discount sites. You can even find package deals for Chicago trips. Make sure to only deal with reputable and credible sites to prevent fraud. Depending on what particular area in Chicago you plan to visit, these sites can help you locate the cheapest accommodation possible. If you have friends or relatives who know a reputable travel agent, then you should definitely ask them for recommendations.

Another viable way to get cheap motel accommodation is to do the research yourself. Unlike hiring the services of a certain travel agency, this would be a much safer option. You can visit travel forums, or Chicago-centered travel sites so you can find advices on what motels to check out. In fact, even a simple Google search can do a lot.

In particular, one good Chicago motel accommodation that you have to look into is the Ohio Mouse Motel. Located at North LaSalle Street right in downtown Chicago, this motel offers the best deal (room rates usually start at $89) that you could possibly get in such an excellent location. Some of the wonderful places in the city are just a few blocks away from the motel. Therefore, this is really a perfect place to settle in when you visit Chicago.
If you are planning to stay in a Chicago luxury hotel, you need to become aware of the available luxury accommodation in the area. The city is well-surrounded with varying grades of luxury hotels. Some offer classic luxury while others combine luxury with modern convenience. But either way, staying in a first-class hotel will allow you to experience what it is like to be pampered.

Many people perceive that luxury hotels charge absurd rates. Although that may be true of some, not all luxury hotels will bill you with unreasonable charges. In fact, there are hotels offering first-class services but still charge competitive room rates. Of course, you need to expect that the room rates will definitely be much higher than standard or regular hotels. However, you will certainly get what you have paid for. In exchange for a high room rate, you will experience deluxe services and top-of-the-line amenities. You will also be given special perks that you will never get from second-grade hotels.

To maximize your Chicago experience, here are some luxury hotels that you should consider:

" The Peninsula Chicago -Situated at the heart of the Magnificent Mile, this exquisite hotel features 339 extravagant guestrooms and suites. It showcases a contemporary yet classic hotel design that is combined with state-of-the-art hotel facilities along with excellent hotel services. Guests traveling with pets below 25 pounds are allowed inside the hotel. Tennis courts and parks are situated just two blocks away, while the Chicago theatre district is a one-mile travel from the hotel.

" Trump International Hotel and Tower - It is located in walking distance from Chicago's shopping district, which is Michigan Avenue. Moreover, this magnificent hotel provides a unique and amazing overlooking view of the Chicago River and the Magnificent Mile. With over 218 regular guestrooms and 121 suites, this hotel offers a one-of-a-kind luxury accommodation.

No matter which Chicago luxury hotel you choose, the most important thing is that every second of your stay is worthwhile.
Presidential Towers Chicago has spearheaded the residential projects in the River West neighborhood. These are four nearly identical and complex towers that span for about two city blocks. Situated near the heart of the Chicago's financial district, these high-rise towers offer the ideal residential location for city-dwellers. The towers also provide convenient access to public transportation services including three major highways, and two rail stations. There is also a nearby walking access to the city center.

One of the best features of the Presidential Towers is the way the four towers have been positioned from one another. They were arranged in a staggered formation that allows residents to appreciate the unobstructed view of the city. As they say, there is strength in numbers, and that is mainly what the developers intended to achieve when they constructed these four modern high-rise towers.

Aside from their unique structure and positioning, the towers are confined in a private community that is surrounded by restaurants, car rental agency, a full-size grocery, and other convenient services. Some of the useful amenities that you can enjoy when you decide to live in this modern residential facility include 24 hour security and service desk, high-speed internet, car and valet service, full-time housekeeping services, enclosed parking and a full-time concierge.

The residential complex also has a running track, swimming pool, aerobic studios, and laundry facilities. As for the apartments, new occupants will get to enjoy a full-set of flatware and cookware; cable services; fully-equipped kitchen, as well as fine linens, towels, and pillows. Monthly rates greatly vary depending on the apartment option that you prefer. Interested parties can choose from convertibles, studios, as well as one and two bedroom residences.

Presidential Towers Chicago truly offers the best residential experience through their superb service, fine accommodation, accessibility to public transport locations, and competitively priced monthly rates.
Are you looking for affordable Chicago accommodation? Do you have a shoestring budget or is it your first-time traveling to Chicago? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then don't worry! Chicago is a very welcoming city, and it offers a wide range of lodging options from all budget points. With an outstanding array of hotels, condotels and airport hotels surrounding the city, it won't be long before you locate the one that suits your lodging needs perfectly.

The great thing about this remarkable city is the fact that it offers a multitude of viable hotel accommodation ranging from chic boutique hotels, elegant luxury hotels, superb in-town hideaways, affordable bed & breakfast inns, and unique suburban hotels. All of the following lodging options offer travelers distinct lodging experiences and superb amenities that they will certainly enjoy during their stay.

The unparalleled diversities of hotel accommodation in Chicago are truly amazing. Whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or personal reasons, the city will always welcome you with open arms. There are just about dozens of options that you can take advantage of to land the perfect room deal. It would be a great idea that you explore all your options first before making any final decision.

Some of the considerations to take note of when choosing a hotel include the following:

Proximity to tourist attractions as well as public transportation: This is practically one of the most important factors that you have to take into account when selecting a hotel. It is best that you find one that is situated a few blocks away from must-see attractions, train stations, and bus stops. That being said, opting for hotels located in downtown Chicago is your best bet.

Availability of useful amenities (such as Wi-fi and airport shuttle services): Make sure to book a hotel that offers free wi-fi connection and good airport shuttle services (especially when you are on a business trip). This is important to ensure that you will be able to maximize your accommodation package.

Take note of these tips when looking for Chicago accommodation to ascertain that you will be getting your money's worth.
There are steps that you should follow in order to find the best Chicago vacation deals. The truth is there are lots of vacation packages to choose from. With that in mind, it is important that you spot the one offering the most affordable deal. Doing online research will greatly help you to accomplish the task at hand. Moreover, planning in advance would be ideal.

To ascertain that you will land the cheapest vacation deal in Chicago, here are some steps that will point you to the right direction.

Step one: Locate credible travel agents to help you plan your trip. Planning your trip will be much easier if someone knowledgeable will help you out. Travel agents have access to tons of vacations deals and packages. Therefore, they are the perfect people to ask as to what kind of package will suit your travel itinerary.

Step two: After contacting your travel agent, begin detailing what are the things that you want to include in the package. Would you like a bundled deal? Will you need to hire car rental services? Do you prefer to include tour packages? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself in order to come up with a good vacation package bundle.

Step three: Once everything has been noted, ask your agent to give you a quotation so that you'll know how much the package deal is going to cost. If it turns out that the cost is way out of your budget, talk to your agent and ask them for a much cheaper alternative. That being said, it is a good idea to look into pre-packaged vacation deals. Normally, pre-packaged vacation deals include important aspects of the trip like the airline tickets, accommodation, and city tours.

Hopefully, this article will aid you in finding Chicago vacations deals that completely suit your travel budget.
There are hundreds of options available for those looking for excellent Chicago vacation rentals. From penthouses, suites, apartments, budget hotels, bungalows, and vacations condos, you can definitely find one that will satisfy your lodging requirements. All of these rental houses are well-inspected, fully-furnished and very comfortable. Opting for vacation rentals will make you feel what it's like to live in Chicago.

To help you end up with the right choice, here are some tips and recommendations that you have to look into:

When planning to visit Chicago, it is best that you start searching for vacation rentals way ahead of time. One viable avenue to use is the internet. It literally houses an extensive list of sites that provide detailed information on quality neighborhoods and locations where you can find great vacation rentals. Some of the credible sites that you should check out include,, and All of these sites feature a long list of efficient home, apartment, guesthouse or townhouse rentals that operate in and out of the city.

The number of occupants is yet another consideration that you have to properly determine. Before you book your accommodation, you have to first ascertain how many people will be staying with you. Remember that vacation rentals come in different sizes; therefore, you would want to find one that will be able to accommodate everybody comfortably.

Never forget to ask the amenities and services that they offer. Most home vacation rentals are fully furnished and have a working kitchen so that guests will feel at home. In addition to that, you have to also ask for its exact location. This is necessary to know if it is near enough to any landmarks or must-see attractions in the city that you would like to visit.

Lastly, when searching for Chicago vacation rentals, make sure that your budget will be accounted for. This is critical to ensure that you will end up with a comfortable and convenient home vacation rental that will perfectly match your budget.
For those who are looking for a nice and accommodating Chicago vacation condo, you only need to read through this article to know where you can find the perfect one that suits your lodging needs. There are many different condo rental options being offered to Chicago travelers. Some are situated right at the heart of the city, while others rest in nearby towns.

Whether you are looking for a condo near the airport or near the must-see tourist spots in the city, there are lodging options for all kinds of travelers with varying lodging budgets. Searching rental condos online is a convenient and efficient way of finding affordable lodging deals. To help you locate a rental condo that will fit your travel budget, here are some sites that you should check out.

" - This site offers a vast array of vacation house rentals as well as budget-friendly condos for all types of travelers. Get easy access to relevant information on a particular Chicago location. Everything that you have to know about the rental house or condo is presented in detail, which includes rates, services, amenities, location, discounted deals, and many others.

" - If you are looking for updated and current condo rental options in Chicago, then you have to visit this site. From 2, 3, 4, and 6-bedroom apartments, condos, and homes, you can find just about any lodging option possible in this efficient and organized site. Different lodging houses, condos, and apartments are sorted in categories so that it is much easier to browse through the available choices. With a little patience and perseverance, you will definitely find a rental condo that falls within your allotted budget.

Thoroughly sift through the following sites and you will end up with a Chicago vacation condo that offers good amenities, excellent service, and reasonable lodging rates.
Metra Chicago is a regional rail system that services almost 200 stations and 11 rail lines across the six-county service area of the Regional Transportation Authority. This rail system provides rides to commuters living in the counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Will, and Cane. This Northeast Regional Railroad transportation has been well-noted for its safe and quality service. In fact, Metra has been awarded with several citations for employee safety, along with gold, silver and bronze awards from different awarding bodies.

Metra Rail offers a variety of ticket options and fare programs depending on the travel needs of different commuters. Every commuter is given the opportunity to choose the fare program that will best suit their travel budget. Some of the ticket options that Metra offers are as follows:

" 10-Ride Ticket - This is the ideal ticket of choice for accessional and leisure travelers. With a 10-ride ticket you can save up to fifteen percent off from one-way fares, and it is good for one year use.

" Monthly Unlimited Ride Pass - Those who want to save thirty percent off their one-way fares should acquire this very reasonable fare program. However, you have to be aware that this pass is non-transferable. Ideally, you need to buy ahead of time because it takes days or even months before the pass gets mailed to you. If you need to use it right away, it is better to purchase the pass at station agents so you can get it after 5 to 7 days.

" $5 Weekend Pass - Those who love traveling during weekends will greatly benefit from this pass. It offers unlimited rides every Saturday and Sunday, which is a good deal for leisure commuters.

There are a lot of other ticket options being offered by Metra Chicago. If you want to know more about them, you can visit their official site at