To those planning to look for a Chicago motel, it is highly advised that you make your reservation at least one month ahead of your scheduled visit. This is important to give you enough time to look for affordable and budget-friendly accommodation. Truthfully, this wonderful city has lots of different motel accommodation available. But since it is the center of business, conventions and other special events, booking a motel can be quite a challenge. Therefore, planning your trip early on will be a great idea.

Generally, there are ways to ensure that you will get comfortable yet affordable accommodation in Chicago. One efficient way is by visiting discount travel sites. The internet practically houses all sorts of discount sites. You can even find package deals for Chicago trips. Make sure to only deal with reputable and credible sites to prevent fraud. Depending on what particular area in Chicago you plan to visit, these sites can help you locate the cheapest accommodation possible. If you have friends or relatives who know a reputable travel agent, then you should definitely ask them for recommendations.

Another viable way to get cheap motel accommodation is to do the research yourself. Unlike hiring the services of a certain travel agency, this would be a much safer option. You can visit travel forums, or Chicago-centered travel sites so you can find advices on what motels to check out. In fact, even a simple Google search can do a lot.

In particular, one good Chicago motel accommodation that you have to look into is the Ohio Mouse Motel. Located at North LaSalle Street right in downtown Chicago, this motel offers the best deal (room rates usually start at $89) that you could possibly get in such an excellent location. Some of the wonderful places in the city are just a few blocks away from the motel. Therefore, this is really a perfect place to settle in when you visit Chicago.
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